Garde Robe was the first company to display photos and detailed descriptions of its members’ stored belongings on a secure Website

Garde Robe’s temperature-controlled, air-purified storage lofts provide ideal storage conditions for long-term textile preservation and feature material-damaging insect prevention (no clothes moths). Garde Robe members can rest assured that their precious belongings will be cared for properly by garment care experts. Garde Robe utilizes archival-grade storage supplies, and the lofts feature state-of-the-art security including 24/7 video monitoring and motion detectors.

Garde Robe provides supplemental insurance for every stored article of clothing at no additional cost and has never filed an insurance claim for garment loss or damage. Garde Robe is a preferred vendor for AIG, VAULT, PURE and Chubb insurance companies and is the only storage company providing replacement-cost insurance coverage for couture wardrobes. Please inquire for details.

Garment Care Advisory. Garde Robe strives to provide ready-to-wear delivery for all items placed in our care. In order to ensure that member’s wardrobe items remain in good, ready-to-wear condition, Garde Robe strongly recommends that members clean every article of clothing before storing items for an extended period of time. While some articles of clothing will visibly appear clean, clothing may have stains that are not necessarily visible to the human eye. For example, body oils, perspiration, antiperspirant, perfume, clear liquids and other liquids and oils can cause “invisible stains.” Despite ideal climate conditions at Garde Robe’s facilities, such invisible stains will oxidize over time and cause a yellowing and deterioration of the fabric. All textiles should be cleaned prior to long-term storage.

“Garde Robe caters to those with extensive seasonal wardrobes by photographing and cataloging clothing onto its web site – lest you forget where those springtime open-toed Jimmy Choos went.”